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  1. a writing implement with a point from which ink flows
  2. an enclosure for confining livestock
  3. a portable enclosure in which babies may be left to play
  4. a correctional institution for those convicted of major crimes
  5. female swan
  6. enclosure
  7. writing instrument
  1. produce a literary work
  2. enclose
  3. write

pen Sentences in English

  1. लेखक  =  author
    I leave this theme to abler pens

  2. पैन  =  brush-pencil-pen
    A fountain pen

  3. क़लम  =  equipment
    A ball pen

  4. क़लम  =  instrument
    A pen is mightier than a sword

  5. पैन  =  material
    A felt-tip pen

  6. बंदीगृह  =  penitentiary
    A prison

  7. बाड़ा  =  place
    A sheep pen

  8. पैन  =  stationary
    A pilot pen

  9. रचना-शैली  =  style
    He writes with a witty,incisive pen

  10. पैन  =  tool
    A sketch pen is used in drawing

  11. लिखना  =  book
    He pened four novels

  12. लिखना
    She penned the songs for his movie.

  13. रचना
    She penned the songs for his movie.

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