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  1. involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit
  2. relating to the sciences dealing with matter and energy
  3. tangible
  4. material
  5. concerning the body

physical Sentences in English

  1. शारीरिक  =  mental, state
    You need physical fitness

  2. भौतिक  =  spiritual, state
    The physical world

  3. शारीरिक  =  action
    Physical exercise

  4. भौतिक  =  science
    Physical science

  5. भौतिक  =  universe
    Physical universe

  6. शारिरीक  =  health check, check
    The company insisted that he had a complete physical

  7. वास्तविक  =  actual
    She was intimidated by his physical presence

  8. स्थूल  =  rough
    That tackle was rather physical

  9. शारीरिक  =  state
    It is physical impossibility to be at two places at once

  10. शरीर  =  body
    To pass physical

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