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plain Definitions and meaning in English

  1. clearly apparent or obvious to the mind or senses
  2. not elaborate or elaborated
  3. clear
  4. obvious
  5. straightforward in speech
  6. normal
  7. everyday
  8. unembellished
  9. basic
  10. ugly
  1. level land

plain Sentences in English

  1. साफ़  =  attitude
    She has a plain attitude

  2. साधारण  =  cloth
    A plain blue suit

  3. सादा  =  food
    Plain food

  4. सीधा-सादा  =  human
    Plain people

  5. सहज  =  human
    Plain people

  6. सात्विक  =  life
    We lead a plain life

  7. साफ़  =  sound, clear
    His sound was plain that he was leaving

  8. सरल  =  talk
    A plain talk

  9. साफ़  =  view, clear
    In plain views

  10. बे-सजावट  =  artlessness
    The picture is plain

  11. सरल  =  candid
    The plain truth of the matter

  12. स्पष्ट  =  clear
    He made his meaning plain

  13. पूर्ण  =  complete
    It's just a plain foolishness to spend all your pay as you get it!

  14. समतल  =  flat
    A plain country

  15. सीधा-सादा  =  ordinary
    Although she was a duches,her manner were attractively plain

  16. सीधा  =  sense attribute
    You don't need special skills for this job,just plain common sense

  17. सीधा  =  simple
    A plain rectangular brick building

  18. कुरूप  =  ugly
    She had a plain face

  19. पूर्ण  =  utter
    Plain stupidity

  20. स्पष्टतः
    It is all plain nonsense.

  21. सप्ष्ट रूप से  =  manner
    It is all plain nonsense

  22. मैदान  =  place
    The great plains of usa

  23. स्वीच  =  stitch
    Three plains,two purl

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