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  1. a mixture of lime or gypsum with sand and water
  2. adhesive tape used in dressing wounds
  3. thick
  4. gooey material that hardens
  1. cover conspicuously, as by pasting something on
  2. affix conspicuously
  3. apply a plaster cast to
  4. apply a heavy coat to
  5. coat with plaster
  6. dress by covering with a therapeutic substance
  7. spread
  8. smear

plaster Sentences in English

  1. पलस्तरअ  =  cement
    The plaster will have to dry out before you can paint the room.

  2. प्लास्टर  =  treatment
    She broke her leg two weeks ago and it's still in plaster.

  3. पलस्तर करना  =  apply cement
    Plaster the wall.

  4. चिपकाना  =  paste
    Plaster the posters on wall.

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