poor meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of poor

poor Definitions and meaning in English

  1. moderate to inferior in quality
  2. deserving or inciting pity
  3. having little money or few possessions
  4. characterized by or indicating lack of money
  5. low in degree
  6. badly supplied with desirable qualities or substances
  7. not sufficient to meet a need
  8. unsatisfactory
  9. yielding little by great labor
  10. lacking sufficient money
  11. deficient
  12. inadequate
  13. weak
  14. unfertile
  15. unfortunate
  16. unhappy

poor Sentences in English

  1. कमज़ोर  =  health
    Be in poor health

  2. बँजर  =  land
    A poor land

  3. निर्बल  =  logic
    His logics were very poor.

  4. कम  =  number
    She got poor marks in the final exam.

  5. घटिया  =  skill
    A poor cook

  6. मामुली  =  skill
    His artistic skill is very poor

  7. मामूली  =  humble
    In my poor opinion.

  8. कम  =  humble
    They shared their poor meal with a stranger

  9. दीन  =  pitiable
    The poor little puppy had been abandoned

  10. निर्धन  =  human
    Sympathy for the poor

  11. कम  =  insufficient
    We had a poor crop of rosbberries this year.

  12. निर्धन  =  poor
    She is too poor to buy clothes for her children.

  13. घटिया  =  quality
    Her remarks were in very poor taste.

  14. कमज़ोर  =  state
    His mental state is very poor

  15. घटिया  =  unsatisfactory
    His performance was very poor

  16. बेचारा
    Oh, you poor thing

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