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  1. any soft or soggy mass
  2. a soft moist part of a fruit
  3. a mixture of cellulose fibers
  4. an inexpensive magazine printed on poor quality paper
  5. the soft inner part of a tooth
  6. flesh of plant
  7. animal
  1. remove the pulp from, as from a fruit
  2. reduce to pulp
  3. mash
  4. pulverize
  1. cheap
  2. vulgar
  3. especially regarding reading material

pulp Sentences in English

  1. सस्ता
    Pulp fiction / horror

  2. लुगदी
    Wood pulp

  3. भुर्ता
    He pounded it to a pulp.

  4. गूदा
    Use only the pulp of the fruit./ scoop out the pulp and serve it with sugar.

  5. लेई
    Cook the fruit gently until it forms a pulp.

  6. गूदा निकालना
    Pulp the mango and chill it.

  7. लुगदी बनाना
    Unsold copies of the novel had to be pulped.

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