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  1. cause to sit or seat or be in a settled position or place
  2. put in a horizontal position
  3. cause to come to the ground
  4. reduce in worth or character, usually verbally
  5. leave or unload, especially of passengers or cargo
  6. put down in writing
  7. of texts, musical compositions, etc.
  8. make a record of
  9. set down in permanent form
  10. write into record
  11. subdue
  12. comment negatively

put down Sentences in English

  1. नीचा दिखाना  =  bring about disgrace
    He's always putting his wife down in public.

  2. के विषय में सोचना  =  consider
    What do you put her success down to.

  3. समझना  =  consider
    From the way he spoke,i put him down as a retired navel officer.

  4. मारना  =  kill
    We had our old cat put down.

  5. उतारना  =  land aircraft
    He put down down in a field.

  6. रखना  =  place
    Put that knife down before you hurt somebody!

  7. नाम से दर्ज करना  =  reserve
    Put me down for three tickets for saturday's performance.

  8. दबा देना  =  stop
    Put down a revolt.

  9. रखना  =  store
    I put down six cases of claret last year.

  10. लिखना  =  write
    I'm having a party next saturday- put it down in your diary so you don't forget.

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