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  1. characterized by an absence or near absence of agitation or activity
  2. free of noise or uproar
  3. or making little if any sound
  4. not showy or obtrusive
  5. in a softened tone
  6. without untoward incident or disruption
  7. free from disturbance
  8. of the sun
  9. characterized by a low level of surfacephenomena like sun spots e.g.
  10. without or with little sound
  11. calm
  12. peaceful
  13. simple
  14. unobtrusive
  1. a period of calm weather
  2. an untroubled state
  3. free from disturbances
  4. the absence of sound
  5. a disposition free from stress or emotion
  6. calmness
  7. silence
  1. with little or no activity or no agitation (`quiet' is a nonstandard variant for `quietly')
  1. become quiet or quieter
  2. make calm or still
  3. make silent
  4. calm

quiet Sentences in English

  1. सादा
    Clothes in quiet colours

  2. शान्त  =  loud, state
    Be quite, please

  3. शान्त  =  noisy, state
    The roads are usually quite in afternoon

  4. शान्त  =  attitude
    Her manner concealed quite resentment

  5. चुपचाप  =  celemony
    There wedding was very quiet

  6. निश्चल  =  lake
    The lake looks quite now

  7. शान्त  =  life
    Lead a quiet life

  8. मन्द  =  market
    The market is usually quiet in the afternoon

  9. मन्द  =  commerce, state
    Business is quiet at this time of the year

  10. शान्ति  =  calm
    The quiet of the countryside.

  11. मृदु  =  mild
    A lady of a quite disposition

  12. शान्ति  =  silence
    Live in a peace and quite

  13. शान्त करना  =  event
    Quiet the dragons of worry and fear

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