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  1. cut down on
  2. make a reduction in
  3. make less complex
  4. bring to humbler or weaker state or condition
  5. simplify the form of a mathematical equation of expression by substituting one term for another
  6. lower in grade or rank or force somebody into an undignified situation
  7. be the essential element
  8. reduce in size
  9. reduce physically
  10. lessen and make more modest
  11. make smaller
  12. to remove oxygen from a compound, or cause to react with hydrogen or form a hydride, or to undergo an increase in the number of electrons 1
  13. narrow or limit
  14. put down by force or intimidation
  15. undergo meiosis
  16. reposition (a broken bone after surgery) back to its normal site 1
  17. reduce in scope while retaining essential elements
  18. be cooked until very little liquid is left
  19. cook until very little liquid is left
  20. lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture
  21. take off weight
  22. make less; decrease
  23. defeat
  24. humble
  25. humiliate

reduce Sentences in English

  1. निम्न अवस्था मेँ लाना  =  position
    Reduce a sergeant to the ranks

  2. निर्धन बनाना  =  situation
    She reduced to begging

  3. निम्न अवस्था मेँ लाना  =  event human
    The reform has reduced us to servants of the state

  4. दुर्बल बनाना  =  weaken
    Over work has reduced him to a physical wreck

  5. घटना  =  cost, situation
    The shirt was greatly reduced in the sale

  6. कम करना
    Reducing diabetes risk

  7. घटाना  =  cost
    Increase profit by reducing cost

  8. घटाना
    Reduce your daily fat intake.

  9. संक्षिप्त करना
    The manuscript must be reduced.

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