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  1. manifest or bring back
  2. to throw or bend back or reflect (from a surface)
  3. reflect deeply on a subject
  4. be bright by reflecting or casting light
  5. give evidence of a certain behavior
  6. give evidence of the quality of
  7. give back
  8. think about
  9. demonstrate
  10. indicate

reflect Sentences in English

  1. प्रतिबिम्बित करना  =  mirror
    See,how beautifully the river reflects the trees.

  2. दर्शाना  =  show
    The financial markets today were simply reflecting the strength of the german economy.

  3. विचार करना  =  think
    Reflect on a problem.

  4. परावर्तित करना  =  throw back
    The white houses reflect the glare of the sun.

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