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  1. an event that repeats
  2. something done over; duplicate
  1. to say, state, or perform again
  2. make or do or perform again
  3. happen or occur again
  4. to say again or imitate
  5. do over
  6. repeat an earlier theme of a composition
  7. duplicate
  8. do again

repeat Sentences in English

  1. पुनराव्रत्ति  =  occurance
    Repeatt of a broadcast,t.v.serial etc.

  2. पुनरावृत्ति  =  event
    A repeat of the 1906 earthquake could kill up to 11,000 people.

  3. पुनर्प्रसारण
    'is it a new series' 'no, a repeat'.

  4. आवृत्ति  =  music
    A passage that is repeated

  5. दोहराना  =  human recite matter
    Repeat the oath after me

  6. दोहराना  =  human tell secret
    Don't repeat what i said - it is confidential

  7. दुबारा मत देना  =  human, vote
    To vote illegally by casting more than one vote in the same election

  8. दोहराना  =  human speech
    Repeat a speech, comment, etc.

  9. बार बार होना  =  recur
    Such bargain offers can't be repeated

  10. पुन्ः माल भेजना  =  supply
    Repeat an order a deal

  11. पुनराव्रत्ति करना  =  decimal
    A sign as a vertical arrangement of dots repetition of a passage

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