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responsible Definitions and meaning in English

  1. worthy of or requiring responsibility or trust
  2. or held accountable
  3. being the agent or cause
  4. having an acceptable credit rating
  5. accountable
  6. in charge
  7. trustworthy
  8. mature

responsible Sentences in English

  1. उत्तरदायित्वपुर्ण  =  position
    A highly responsible position

  2. जवावदेह  =  answerable
    A drunk man cannot be considered fully responsible for his actions

  3. जिम्मेदार  =  liable
    All pilots are responsible for their passengers safety

  4. उत्तरदायी  =  liable
    Be directly responsible to the president

  5. जिम्मेदार  =  trustworthy
    Behave like responsible citizen

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