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  1. something left after other parts have been taken away
  2. freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility)
  3. a pause for relaxation
  4. a state of inaction
  5. euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb)
  6. a support on which things can be put
  7. a musical notation indicating a silence of a specifiedduration
  8. inactivity
  9. remainder of something
  10. base
  11. foundation
  1. not move
  2. be in a resting position
  3. take a short break from one's activities in order to relax
  4. give a rest to
  5. have a place in relation to something else
  6. be at rest
  7. stay the same
  8. remain in a certain state
  9. be inherent or innate in
  10. put something in a resting position, as for support or steadying
  11. sit, as on a branch
  12. rest on or as if on a pillow
  13. be inactive, refrain from acting
  14. be calm; sleep
  15. lie
  16. recline
  17. depend
  18. hinge

rest Sentences in English

  1. शान्त्  =  motion
    The mine finally came to rest on the sea bed

  2. अवशेष  =  remain
    Take what you want and throw the rest away

  3. बाकी लोग  =  human
    While we play tennis what will the rest of you do

  4. शेष  =  matter
    Ensure that our tradional market are looked after, for the rest i am not much concerned

  5. कब्र  =  place
    His last resting place is on that hill

  6. शेष भाग  =  remain
    Watch the rest of the flim

  7. विश्राम  =  rest
    Take a rest from all your hard work

  8. शेष
    He took what he wanted and i got the rest.

  9. बाकी
    He took what he wanted and i got the rest.

  10. शाश्वत निद्रा
    She was laid to rest beside her husband.

  11. चिर निद्रा
    She was laid to rest beside her husband.

  12. विश्राम करना  =  human
    Lie down and rest for an hour after lunch

  13. अधिन होना  =  matter
    It rests with the committe to decide the matter

  14. टिकना  =  place eye
    His eyes rested on his face

  15. टेक लगाना  =  place thing
    Rest the ladder against the wall

  16. बीच में ही समाप्त करना  =  stop matter
    Let the matter rest

  17. रेस्टना  =  land
    Rest the field for a year

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