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  1. the reign of Charles II in England
  2. some artifact that has been restored or reconstructed
  3. a model that represents the landscape of a former geological age or that represents and extinct animal etc.
  4. the re-establishment of the British monarchy in 1660

restoration Sentences in English

  1. लागू करना  =  action
    Bala saheba takare demanded immediate restoration of his right to vote.

  2. पुनःस्थापन  =  reinstallation
    We demand an immediate restoration of our right to vote.

  3. पुनःप्रचलन  =  re-introdcution
    The restoration of old customs.

  4. मरम्मत  =  repairing
    The palace is closed during restoration.

  5. वापसी  =  restitution
    The restoration of stolen property.

  6. वापसी  =  return
    Restoration comedy/poetry in britain in 1660, when charles ii became kind <h,0,0> ; the period following this).

  7. नवीनीकरण
    The hotel is closed for restoration./

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