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  1. hold within
  2. allow to remain in a place or position
  3. secure and keep for possible future use or application
  4. keep in one's mind
  5. hold on to physically or mentally
  6. hire

retain Sentences in English

  1. स्मृति में रखना  =  bear mind
    She retains a clear impression of the incident.

  2. पक्का करना  =  fix
    Retain a fee.

  3. रोकना  =  hold
    A dyke was built to retain the floods.

  4. याद रखना  =  keep mind
    Be able to retain numbers.

  5. रहने देना  =  keep
    We retained the original fireplace when we decorated the room.

  6. बनाये रखना  =  maintain
    These roses retain their scent.

  7. न खोना
    Despite loosing his job, he retains his pension.

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