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  1. take something away by force or without the consent of the owner
  2. rip off
  3. ask an unreasonable price
  4. steal
  5. deprive

rob Sentences in English

  1. वंचित करना  =  deprive
    I was robbed.

  2. लूटना  =  extort
    Be accused of robbing a bank.

  3. चूरा लना  =  snatch
    Be robbed of sleep by noisy neighbours

  4. छीन लेना  =  hapiness, human
    They robbed happiness from her

  5. लूट लेना  =  money, human
    Roblers robbed the cash from the business man

  6. छीन लेना  =  thing, human
    Peter robbed the cycle john

  7. लूटना
    Some local shops have been robbing the tourists.

  8. मूँड़ना
    Some local shops have been robbing the tourists.

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