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  1. a place that is scoured (especially by running water)
  1. examine minutely
  2. clean with hard rubbing
  3. rub hard or scrub
  4. rinse, clean, or empty with a liquid
  5. clean
  6. polish thoroughly
  7. search thoroughly

scour Sentences in English

  1. छान मारना
    We scoured the area for somewhere to pitch our tent.

  2. बारीकी से देखना
    He had been scouring the papers for weeks, looking for a job.

  3. माँजना
    I had to scour out the pans.

  4. अपरदन करना
    The water had raced down the slope and scoured out the bed of a stream.

  5. गहरा निशान बनाना
    We could see where the cart wheels had scoured the ground.

  6. रगड़ कर साफ़ करना  =  rub
    Scour the counter tops.

  7. घिसना
    Scour the counter tops.

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