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  1. (of domestic animals) not selectively bred
  1. dense vegetation consisting of stunted trees or bushes
  2. the act of cleaning a surface by rubbing it with a brush andsoap and water
  1. clean with hard rubbing
  2. wash thoroughly
  3. clean with force
  4. cancel

scrub Sentences in English

  1. झाड़-झंखाड़
    The bird disappeared into the scrub.

  2. रगड़ कर सफ़ाई
    The kitchen floor needs a goos scrub.

  3. रगड़ कर साफ़ करना
    I found him in the kitchen, scrubbing the floor.

  4. रद्द कर देना
    We had planned to go to the cinema but he scrubbed at the last minute.

  5. अच्छी तरह से धोना
    Surgeons must scrub prior to an operation.

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