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  1. the state of being free from danger or injury
  2. a formal declaration that documents a fact of relevance to finance and investment
  3. freedom from anxiety or fear
  4. an electrical device that sets off an alarm when someone tries to break in
  5. property that your creditor can claim in case you default on your obligation
  6. a guarantee that an obligation will be met
  7. safety
  8. protection
  9. peace of mind

security Sentences in English

  1. ऋणपत्र  =  bond
    Governement securities.

  2. जमानत  =  guarantee
    Give sth as a security.

  3. सुरक्षा  =  protection
    National security (= the defence of a country

  4. सुरक्षा उपाय
    Military security has been stepped up since the recent uprising.

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