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senseless Definitions and meaning in English

  1. not marked by the use of reason
  2. unresponsive to stimulation
  3. lacking import
  4. (of especially persons) lacking sense or understanding or judgment
  5. silly
  6. meaningless

senseless Sentences in English

  1. अचेतन  =  act
    A senseless act

  2. बेमतलब  =  letter
    This letter is either cryptics or senseless

  3. अर्थहीन  =  remark
    A senseless remark

  4. मूर्ख  =  violence
    A senseless violence

  5. बेमतलब  =  state
    Senseless idea

  6. बेहोश  =  unconscious
    Fallen senseless to the ground

  7. अर्थहीन
    A senseless remark

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