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Abet, Address, Adjust, Affix, Agreed, Aim, Air, Allocate, Allot, Anchor, Apply, Appoint, Appointed, Arrange, Arranged, Circle, Band, Bent, Coif, Coiffe, Coiffure, Certain, Attitude, Carriage, Array, Assemblage, Batch, Body, Bunch, Bundle, Camp, Clan, Class, Clique, Clump, Cluster, Clutch, Collection, Bestow, Cast, Assign, Cake, Clot, Coagulate, Begin, Fit, Fixed, Determined, Dictated, Hardened, Exercise set, Curing, Determine, Fix, Gear up, Go down, Go under, Congeal, Countersink, Correct, Fructify, Dress, Do, Concluded, Confirmed, Customary, Decisive, Definite, Entrenched, Established, Firm, Hard and fast, Comportment, Demeanor, Deportment, Hang, Company, Compendium, Coterie, Crew, Crowd, Faction, Gaggle, Gang, Deposit, Direct, Embed, Ensconce, Establish, Fasten, Conclude, Decree, Designate, Dictate, Estimate, Condense, Crystallize, Gel, Gelatinize, Descend, Dip, Disappear, Drop, Commence, Foment, Primed, Set, Rigid, Located, Placed, Situated, Laid, Stage set, Lot, Hardening, Solidifying, Solidification, Seth, Readiness, Put, Place, Pose, Position, Lay, Specify, Limit, Mark, Prepare, Set up, Ready, Localize, Localise, Plant, Jell, Sic, Rig, Lay out, Immovable, Intent, Inveterate, Ironclad, Obstinate, Pat, Pigheaded, Prearranged, Predetermined, Prescribed, Regular, Resolute, Resolved, Rooted, Scheduled, Set in stone, Settled, Solid as a rock, Specified, Stated, Steadfast, Hidebound, Jelled, Positioned, Sited, Situate, Solid, Stable, Stiff, Inclination, Mien, Port, Posture, Presence, Scene, Scenery, Setting, Kit, Mob, Organization, Outfit, Pack, Push, Sect, Series, Head, Insert, Install, Introduce, Level, Locate, Lock, Lodge, Mount, Park, Plank, Plop, Plunk, Point, Post, Rest, Seat, Settle, Spread, Station, Stick, Impose, Instruct, Lay down, Make, Name, Ordain, Prescribe, Price, Rate, Regulate, Resolve, Schedule, Jellify, Jelly, Solidify, Sink, Initiate, Instigate, Provoke, Put in motion, Raise, Set on, Stiff-necked, Stipulated, Stubborn, Unflappable, Usual, Well-set, Strict, Unyielding, Turn, Train, Wedge, Zero in, Stipulate, Value, Stiffen, Thicken, Subside, Vanish, Stir up, Whip up

set Definitions and meaning in English

  1. (usually followed by `to' or `for') on the point of or strongly disposed
  2. fixed and unmoving
  3. situated in a particular spot or position
  4. set down according to a plan:"a carefully laid table with places set for four people"
  5. being below the horizon
  6. determined or decided upon as by an authority
  7. converted to solid form (as concrete)
  8. decided
  9. firm
  10. hardened; inflexible
  1. a group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used
  2. (mathematics) an abstract collection of numbers or symbols
  3. several exercises intended to be done in series
  4. representation consisting of the scenery and other properties used to identify the location of a dramatic production
  5. an unofficial association of people or groups
  6. a relatively permanent inclination to react in a particular way
  7. the act of putting something in position
  8. a unit of play in tennis or squash
  9. the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization
  10. evil beast-headed Egyptian god with high square ears and a long snout
  11. fix in a border
  12. make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc
  13. set to a certain position or cause to operate correctly
  14. locate
  15. disappear beyond the horizon
  16. adapt for performance in a different way
  17. put or set (seeds or seedlings) into the ground
  18. apply or start
  19. become gelatinous
  20. put into a position that will restore a normal state
  21. insert (a nail or screw below the surface, as into a countersink) 1
  22. give a fine, sharp edge to a knife or razor 1
  23. urge a dog to attack someone 1
  24. estimate
  25. equip with sails, masts, etc.
  26. get ready for a particular purpose or event
  27. alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard
  28. bear fruit
  29. arrange attractively
  30. physical bearing
  31. stage setting
  32. group
  33. assortment
  1. position
  2. place
  3. decide upon
  4. harden
  5. decline
  6. start
  7. incite

set Sentences in English

  1. बना हुआ
    A house set on a hilltop

  2. स्थित
    A house set on a hilltop

  3. तैयार  =  action
    We are set to go out any time

  4. अटल  =  attitude
    To set one's attitude toward something

  5. समूह  =  book
    The teacher gave a set of books to the students

  6. तैयार  =  dish
    I'll have set lunch,please

  7. अटल  =  human, state
    To be set in one's decision

  8. नियत  =  look
    His bearded face already has a set hallow look

  9. पक्का  =  determine
    Set the rules

  10. सिथार  =  fixed
    Set eyes.

  11. कठोर  =  hardening
    The set of concrete

  12. ढृढ  =  rigid
    A face set with pain

  13. अस्त
    The moon is set.

  14. अस्तगत
    The moon is set.

  15. डूबा
    The moon is set.

  16. स्वाभाविक स्थिति  =  place
    Set emphasis on a certain points

  17. शीघ्रता  =  readiness
    The subjects set them to solve problems the familiar way and to overlook the simpler solution

  18. तैयार  =  ready
    Is everyone set

  19. सेट  =  appartus
    The early sets ran on shortage batteries

  20. टोली  =  band
    The set smart goes there

  21. ढाचा  =  body
    She admired her firm set of his jaws

  22. समूह  =  collection
    A set of prime numbers

  23. सूर्यस्त  =  dawn
    Before the sun set

  24. समूह  =  group
    A set of books

  25. प्रवृति  =  inclination
    The set of his mind was obvious

  26. पौधा  =  plant
    An onions sets

  27. आसन  =  position
    He gave a final set to his hat

  28. मंच  =  stage set
    The sets were meticulously authentic

  29. वर्ग  =  unit
    They played two set of tennis after dinner

  30. बैठना  =  human, event
    His manner immediately set everyone at their ease

  31. तैयार करना  =  human, action
    She set the children for school

  32. लगना  =  human
    She set the tray on the table

  33. उतारना  =  plane human, place
    The plane set us down in london at midnight

  34. डूबना  =  sun
    The sun sets early in winter

  35. अटल रहना  =  human opinion
    To be set in one's opinion

  36. ठीक तरह से जमना  =  adjust
    Set the clock please

  37. बेठ्ना  =  arrange
    Set the poem to music

  38. बदलना  =  change
    Set the milk with rennet

  39. डूबना  =  dawn
    The moon is set

  40. तय करना  =  decide
    Set the wedding date

  41. निश्चित करना  =  estimate time
    We set the time of arrival at 8 p.m

  42. सिथत करना  =  locate
    The film is set in africa

  43. तैयार करना  =  ready, action
    Get the children set for the school

  44. बैठना  =  seat
    To seat a child on the highchair

  45. कसना  =  tighten
    Set the nuts well up

  46. मजबूर करना  =  event human
    His remark set me thinking

  47. लग्ना  =  amount, vehicles
    Set the right amount for the car

  48. बेट्ना  =  body
    To set one's body on the chair

  49. मिल्ना  =  clock
    To set the clock at right time

  50. जमना
    The liquid set after we added the enzyme.

  51. छोड़ना  =  dog
    Set the dog on me

  52. बन्ना  =  examination
    To set the examination paper

  53. लग्ना  =  flower, garden
    Let's set the flower in the garden

  54. बैटना  =  hair
    Long hair sets better than short hair

  55. छोड़ना  =  human, attack
    To set the prisoner free for shooting him

  56. जड़ना  =  jewel
    Set the bracelet with pearls

  57. जम्ना  =  liquid
    She set the jelly by putting in the cold place

  58. शुरू करना  =  machine
    He set the machine going with a push

  59. लग्ना  =  mind
    I have set my mind on this plan and i won't give it up

  60. तैयर करना  =  question
    Who set the question for the examination

  61. लग्ना  =  table, dinner
    To set a table for the dinner

  62. लग्ना  =  table
    To set a table besides the chair

  63. लग्ना  =  thing
    Set the things here

  64. मिल्ना  =  time
    He set the alarm at seven o'clock

  65. बिछ्ना  =  trap
    To set a trap

  66. लग्ना  =  tree
    We set apples trees last year

  67. लाग्ना  =  value
    To set the value of the car

  68. मिल्ना  =  watch
    To set the watch

  69. करना
    Set these words in italics.

  70. ठीक करना
    Set the clock, please.

  71. तैयार करना
    The company has set itself up for a big export drive.

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