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  1. fasten by sewing
  2. do needlework
  3. create (clothes) with cloth
  4. prepare fabric for clothing
  5. covering

sew Sentences in English

  1. सीना  =  human cloth
    The tailor sewed my dress

  2. ठाका देना  =  human shoes
    The cobler sew my shoe

  3. सीना  =  human, school
    We learnt to sew in the school

  4. प्ना  =  gain
    He tired to sew up as many votes as possible before convention

  5. सीना  =  machine
    To sew by machine

  6. टांकना  =  button
    Sew this button on my shirt

  7. सीना  =  cloth
    To sew the cloth

  8. सीकर बंद करना  =  thing
    To sew flour in the bag

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