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  1. the state of being silent (as when no one is speaking)
  2. the absence of sound
  3. a refusal to speak when expected
  4. the trait of keeping things secret
  1. cause to be quiet or not talk
  2. keep from expression, for example by threats or pressure

Silence Sentences in English

  1. ख़ामोशी  =  condition
    the silence of night

  2. चुप्पी  =  muteness
    His silence about my contribution was surprising.

  3. विस्मृति  =  oblivion
    in the news again after years of silence

  4. मौन  =  period
    a one-minute silence in honour of the dead

  5. निस्तब्धता  =  quiet
    the silence in the street

  6. ख़ामोशी  =  silence
    He needed silence in order to sleep.

  7. सन्नाटा
    the silence of night

  8. चुप कर देना
    His look of disapproval silenced her.

  9. दबा देना  =  burke
    silence an issue

  10. शांत करना
    Please silence the children in the church!

  11. खा़मोश करना
    Please silence the children in the church!

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