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  1. a natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended
  2. a torpid state resembling sleep
  3. a period of time spent sleeping
  4. euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in abed and in a tomb)
  5. suspension of consciousness
  1. be asleep
  2. be able to accommodate for sleeping
  3. suspend consciousness

sleep Sentences in English

  1. शाश्वत निद्रा
    They had to put their family pet to sleep.

  2. चिर निद्रा
    They had to put their family pet to sleep.

  3. सोना  =  human spend time
    He likes to sleeep for an hour in the afternoon

  4. ठहरना  =  human stay, building
    To sleep away from once's building

  5. ठहरना  =  human stay, room
    To sleep away from one's room

  6. सोना  =  human disease
    He slept due to the fever

  7. सोना  =  human
    I didn't sleep very well last night

  8. सोना  =  death, state
    They are sleeping in their tombs

  9. सोना  =  go to bed
    We usually sleep late on sundays

  10. सोना  =  activity
    We sleep late of saturday night

  11. सोने के लिऐ बुलाना  =  human
    As he missed the train we invited him to sleep

  12. गहरी नींद सोना  =  top
    After the dance they all slept in

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