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  1. an incompetent person
  2. usually used in negative constructions
  3. a stooping carriage in standing and walking
  1. assume a drooping posture or carriage
  2. walk slovenly
  3. slump over

slouch Sentences in English

  1. अनाड़ी आदमी
    He's no slouch when it comes to baseball.

  2. आगे झुक कर खड़ा होना
    Several students were slouching against the wall.

  3. आगे झुक कर बैठना
    Sit up straight. don't slouch.

  4. आगे झुक कर चलना
    He slouched across the room and collapsed in a chair.

  5. भद्दे ढंग से चलना
    He slouched across the room.

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