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  1. having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities
  2. smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication
  3. of the margin of a leaf shape
  4. not broken up into teeth
  5. not marked with wrinkles
  6. smooth and unconstrained in movement
  7. without breaks between notes
  8. smooth and connected
  9. without chinks or crannies
  10. lacking obstructions or difficulties
  11. level
  12. unwrinkled; flowing
  13. suave in behavior
  1. the act of smoothing
  1. make smooth or smoother, as if by rubbing
  2. (of surfaces) make shine
  3. free from obstructions
  4. make level
  5. make peace

smooth Sentences in English

  1. बराबर  =  rough, state
    A smooth piece of wood

  2. स्निग्ध
    Smooth skin

  3. चिकना  =  body
    A smooth cheeks

  4. चापलूस  =  human
    He's certainly a smooth operator

  5. प्रवाही  =  music
    The smooth music of a ballroom dance band

  6. सपाट  =  road
    A smooth road

  7. मुलायम  =  skin
    She has a smooth skin

  8. बराबर  =  surface
    A smooth surface

  9. साफ़  =  water
    Water as smooth as mirror

  10. शांत  =  peaceful
    A smooth day in the office

  11. समतल  =  place
    The aircraft made a smooth landing

  12. आराम से  =  manner
    The engine is running smooth now

  13. बराबर करना  =  activity
    She adjusted the folds with a smooth of her hands

  14. दूर करना  =  difficulty
    A new leader could held to smooth the party's difficulties

  15. पालिश करना  =  thing
    Smooth my shoe

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