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  1. a confused multitude of things
  2. a stifling cloud of smoke
  1. envelop completely
  2. deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing
  3. conceal or hide
  4. form an impenetrable cover over
  5. deprive of the oxygen necessary for combustion
  6. extinguish; cover
  7. hide

smother Sentences in English

  1. दबाना
    He burst in, making no effort to smother his fury.

  2. दम घोंट कर मार डालना
    Othello smothered desdemona with a pillow.

  3. ढाँकना
    Smother the meat in gravy

  4. रोकना
    The voices of the opposition were effectively smothered.

  5. बुझाना
    Smother fires

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