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  1. something or someone seen (especially a notable or unusual sight)
  2. an elaborate and remarkable display on a lavish scale
  3. a blunder that makes you look ridiculous
  4. used in the phrase `make a spectacle of' yourself
  5. something showy; exhibition

spectacle Sentences in English

  1. नज़ारा
    The carnival parade was a magnificent spectacle.

  2. तमाशा  =  blunder
    You've made a spectacle of yourself.

  3. तमाशा
    I remember the sad spectacle of her standing in her wedding dress, covered in mud.

  4. दृश्य
    The sunset was a stunning spectacle.

  5. प्रदर्शन
    It was a magnificent spectacle.

  6. चश्मा  =  spectacles
    A pair of spectacles

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