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  1. a swift whirling motion (usually of a missile)
  2. the act of rotating rapidly
  3. a short drive in a car
  4. rapid descent of an aircraft in a steep spiral
  5. a distinctive interpretation (especially as used bypoliticians to sway public opinion)
  6. circular motion
  1. revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis
  2. stream in jets, of liquids
  3. cause to spin
  4. make up a story
  5. form a web by making a thread
  6. work natural fibers into a thread
  7. twist and turn so as to give an intended interpretation
  8. prolong or extend
  9. go around
  10. make go around

spin Sentences in English

  1. चक्रण  =  aeronautics
    The aircraft got out of spin

  2. चक्कर  =  dance
    The dance ended with a spin

  3. झुकाव  =  bias
    Give a positive spin to the economic figures

  4. सैर  =  trip
    Let's go for a spin

  5. तेजी से दौड़ना  =  car
    The car was spinning merrily along

  6. स्पीन् करना  =  movement
    Give a spin to the ball

  7. घुमना  =  move
    The couple has spinning around the hall

  8. घुमना  =  turn, quickly
    She span round to face him

  9. स्पीन् करना  =  turn
    Spin the ball

  10. स्पीन् करना  =  ball
    Spin the ball

  11. तेजी से चलाना  =  car
    She waived as she span in the new car

  12. बुनना  =  story
    Spin a story

  13. कातना  =  yarn
    Spin wool from goats wool

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