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  1. someone who supports or champions something
  2. an advocate who presents a person (as for an award or adegree or an introduction etc.)
  3. person who helps
  4. promotes
  1. assume sponsorship of
  2. assume responsibility for or leadership of
  3. do one's shopping at
  4. do business with
  5. be a customer or client of
  6. help
  7. promote

sponsor Sentences in English

  1. प्रतिभू  =  guarantor
    We need more sponsors for next week's charity walk.

  2. उत्तरदायी  =  perosn
    The smiths are officially the sponsors for their visiting indian friends.

  3. प्रायोजक  =  supporter
    He has not been able to find sponsors for his television serial.

  4. स्पॉन्सर  =  surety
    Royal insurance, sponsors of the royal shakespeare company

  5. धर्मपिता  =  Christianity
    The sponsor held the baby for the baptism.

  6. स्पॉन्सर  =  person
    He has not been able to find sponsors for his television serial.

  7. प्रायोजक  =  company
    His sponsor withdrew the sponsorship when he failed to keep the terms of agreement.

  8. समर्थक
    The sponsor of the new immigration bill

  9. आर्थिक संरक्षक
    Unless he can find a sponsor he'll be forced to retire from athletics.

  10. आर्थिक संरक्षक  =  person
    I am greatly indebted to my sponsor for my education and subsequent career in life.

  11. धर्मार्थी
    I'm collecting sponsors for next week's charity run.

  12. प्रवर्तित करना
    The bill was sponsored by a labour mp.

  13. आर्थिक संरक्षण देना
    She found a company to sponsor her through college.

  14. ज़मानत देना
    Will you sponsor me for a charity walk i'm doing

  15. आधिकारिक रूप से प्रबंध करना
    The us is sponsoring negotiations between the two sides.

  16. प्रायोजित करना
    Sports events sponsored by the tobacco industry

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