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Stamp Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a token that postal fees have been paid
  2. the distinctive form in which a thing is made
  3. a type or class
  4. a symbol that is the result of printing
  5. machine consisting of a heavy bar that moves vertically for pounding or crushing ores
  6. a block or die used to imprint a mark or design
  7. a device incised to make an impression
  8. form or cut out with a mold, form, or die
  9. crush or grind with a heavy instrument
  10. raise in a relief

Stamp Sentences in English

  1. स्टाम्प  =  finance
    TV license stamp

  2. टिकट  =  postage
    A 26 paisa stamp

  3. पैर की पटक  =  action
    Give a childish stamp of impatience

  4. मोहर  =  characteristic
    Their story has the stamp of truth

  5. प्रकार  =  class
    Men of different stamp

  6. मोहर  =  mark
    Have you got many stamp on the passport

  7. मोहर  =  thing
    I've to make a stamp of my name

  8. पैर घसीट कर चलना
    The men stamped through the snow in their heavy boots.

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