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  1. lacking ease in bending
  2. not limber
  3. not moving or operating freely
  4. powerful
  5. rigidly formal
  6. hard to overcome or surmount
  7. of a collar
  8. standing up rather than folded down
  9. incapable of or resistant to bending
  10. very drunk
  11. hard
  12. inflexible
  13. formal
  14. standoffish
  15. difficult
  16. extreme
  17. severe
  1. an ordinary man
  2. the dead body of a human being
  1. extremely
  2. in a stiff manner

stiff Sentences in English

  1. जोरदार  =  breeze
    A stiff breeze

  2. कड़ा  =  drink
    That was a shock i need a stiff drink

  3. रूखा  =  welcome
    They received a rather stiff welcome

  4. कठिन  =  difficult
    A stiff exam

  5. कड़ा  =  hard
    A stiff cardboard

  6. गाढा  =  thick
    Whick the egg whites until stiff

  7. सख्त  =  unbending
    I feel stiff after a long walk

  8. अटल
    Stiff principles

  9. अडिग
    Stiff principles

  10. अत्याधिक  =  high
    A stiff membership fee

  11. बेहद  =  much
    The opera bored me stiff

  12. लाश
    The murderer confessed that he threw the stiff in the river.

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