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  1. a relatively long narrow piece of something
  2. artifact consisting of a narrow flat piece of material
  3. an airfield without normal airport facilities
  4. a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book
  5. thin piece of wood or metal
  6. a form of erotic entertainment in which a dancer graduallyundresses to music
  7. thin piece of material
  1. take away possessions from someone
  2. get undressed
  3. remove the surface from
  4. remove substances from by a percolating liquid
  5. lay bare
  6. steal goods
  7. strip the cured leaves from
  8. remove the thread (of screws) 1
  9. remove a constituent from a liquid 1
  10. take off or remove
  11. draw the last milk (of cows) 1
  12. remove (someone's or one's own) clothes
  13. bare
  14. uncover

strip Sentences in English

  1. वस्त्रावतरण  =  performance
    Do a strip

  2. धज्जी  =  piece
    A strip of paper/cloth

  3. सड़क  =  street
    He owns a liquor store out on the strip.

  4. पोशाक  =  uniform
    England are playying in the blue and white strip.

  5. हवाई पट्टी  =  airstrip
    A remote mountain strip where flights are notoriously unreliable

  6. स्ट्रिप  =  entertainment
    She did a strip right in front of everyone.

  7. से वंचित करना  =  deprive off
    He was stripped of all his possessions.

  8. कपड़े उतारना  =  put off
    They stripped and ran into the water.

  9. उतारना  =  put off
    He stripped his shirt.

  10. निकाल देना  =  remove
    Strip wooden floors.

  11. खाली कर दना  =  rob
    Thieves stripped the house bare.

  12. नंगा करना  =  undress
    The bandist stripped him and beat him.

  13. लूट लेना
    During the earthquake people stripped the stores that were deserted by their owners.

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