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  1. sink below the surface
  2. go under or as if under water
  3. cover completely or make imperceptible
  4. put under water
  5. fill or cover completely, usually with water
  6. dunk in liquid

submerge Sentences in English

  1. लाद देना  =  burden
    Be submerged by paperwork.

  2. डुबकी लगाना  =  dip
    The submarine submerged to avoid enemy ships.

  3. जलमग्न कर देना  =  flood
    A road submerged by flood water.

  4. पूरी तरह से छिपा देना  =  hide, competely
    The main argument was submerged in a mass of tedious detail.

  5. दिल में छिपाए रखना  =  keep secret mind
    Feelings she thought she'd submerged were surfacing again.

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