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  1. being a replacement or substitute for a regular member of a team
  2. capable of substituting in any of several positions on a team
  3. artificial and inferior
  4. alternative
  1. a person or thing that takes or can take the place of another
  2. an athlete who plays only when another member of the team drops out
  3. someone who takes the place of another (as when things getdangerous or difficult)
  4. someone or something that takes the place of another
  1. put in the place of another
  2. switch seemingly equivalent items
  3. be a substitute
  4. act as a substitute
  5. interchange
  6. exchange

substitute Sentences in English

  1. एवजी
    Substitute coffee

  2. स्थानापन्न
    A substitute player

  3. स्थानापन्न  =  thing
    A meat / milk substitute

  4. स्थानापन्न खिलाड़ी
    He was brought on as (a) substitute after half-time.

  5. स्थानापन्न  =  person
    Paul's father only saw him as a substitute for his dead brother.

  6. स्थानापन्न  =  double
    The star had a substitute for dangerous scenes.

  7. की जगह लेना  =  use
    Margarine can be substituted for butter in this recipe.

  8. की जगह लेना
    Nothing can substitute for the advice your doctor is able to give you.

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