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  1. express a supposition
  2. expect, believe, or suppose
  3. to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds
  4. take for granted or as a given
  5. suppose beforehand
  6. require as a necessary antecedent or precondition
  7. assume
  8. guess
  9. believe

suppose Sentences in English

  1. अगर  =  if
    Suppose it rains, what will you do

  2. लगना  =  assume
    I suppose she has gone home

  3. समझना  =  believe
    She is supposed to be very rich

  4. मानना  =  presume
    This theory supposes the existance of life on mars

  5. लगना  =  request
    I suppose you cannot give me a lift to the station, could you

  6. सोचना  =  think
    What do you suppose the government will do

  7. अनुमान लगाना
    Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps.

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