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  1. continue to live
  2. endure or last
  3. continue in existence after (an adversity, etc.)
  4. support oneself
  5. live longer than

survive Sentences in English

  1. अस्तित्व में होना  =  exist
    Many strange customs have survived from earlier times.

  2. जीना  =  live
    The times are tough but still we survive.

  3. की मृत्यु के बाद जीवित रहना  =  remain alive
    The old lady has survived all her children./ she survived her husband by five years.

  4. से बच जाना
    Few buildings survived the bombing raids.

  5. जीवित बचना  =  sustain
    Of the six people in the plane when it crashed, only one survived.

  6. गुज़ारा करना
    She could barely survive on such a low wage.

  7. चला आना
    Many strange customs have lived on from earlier times.

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