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  1. utter obscenities or profanities
  2. to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true
  3. promise solemnly
  4. take an oath
  5. make a deposition
  6. declare under oath
  7. have confidence or faith in
  8. speak profanely; be vulgar

swear Sentences in English

  1. कसम खाना  =  assert
    The swore that she has never seen him

  2. पूरा भरोसा रखना  =  believe, strongly
    Most of my friends use word-processor but i swear by my old typewriter

  3. वचन देना  =  promise
    I swore not to tell anybody about it

  4. गाली देना  =  rebuke
    The foreman is always swearing at the workers

  5. दृढतापूर्वक कहना  =  say, definitely
    I think i have met him before, but i will not swear to it

  6. शपथ लेना  =  state, solemnly
    Witnesses have to swear on bible

  7. कसम खाना  =  vow
    I swear by god that i will tell the truth

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