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  1. the heading or position of a vessel relative to the trim of its sails
  2. a short nail with a sharp point and a large head
  3. gear for a horse
  4. (nautical) a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind
  5. (nautical) the act of changing tack
  6. sailing a zigzag course
  7. course of movement
  8. short pin for attaching
  1. fasten with tacks
  2. turn into the wind
  3. make by putting pieces together
  4. sew together loosely, with large stitches
  5. fix to
  6. attach
  7. reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action)

tack Sentences in English

  1. घोड़े का साज़-सामान
    A tack room (= the room where this equipment is kept)/ you can get all the saddlery for your horse near by.

  2. कच्चा टाँका
    Haphazardly put tacks

  3. ड्राइंग पिन
    Tacks scattered on the floor

  4. छोटी कील
    A carpet tack

  5. हवा की दिशा
    They were sailing on (a) port / starboard tack (= with the wind coming from the left / right side).

  6. रुख़
    A complete / sudden change of tack / his thoughts wandered off on another tack.

  7. लगाना
    Tack a charm to the necklace.

  8. हवा की दिशा में ले जाना
    The sailors decided to tack the boat.

  9. जहाज की दिशा बदलना
    He tacked the ship by turning the sail with favorable wind.

  10. कच्चे टाँके से जोड़ना
    She tacked the sleeve of the blouse into the armhole.

  11. छोटी कील से ठोक देना
    The carpet was tacked to the floor.

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