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  1. leave; leave the ground
  2. mock
  3. satirize

take off Sentences in English

  1. हटाना  =  aside
    The injured player was taken off and replaced by a substitute.

  2. नकल करना  =  copy
    She takes off the director to perfection.

  3. काटना  =  cut
    The hair dressser asked me how much he should take off.

  4. अलग करना  =  detach
    Take off the doll's head.

  5. उड़ना  =  fly
    The plane took off an hour late.

  6. बढना  =  increase
    Sales of home fax machines have taken off in recent years.

  7. कूदना  =  jump
    The jumper's feet must be behind the line when she takes off.

  8. लोकप्रिय होना  =  popular
    The new dictionery has really taken off in recent years.

  9. उतारना  =  put off
    Take off one's coat.

  10. हटाना  =  remove
    Removed from a job or position).

  11. भागना  =  run away
    When he saw me coming he took off in the opposite direction.

  12. रोक देना  =  stop
    The show was taken off because of poor audiences.

  13. निकालना  =  strike out
    The next time i saw the list,my name had been taken off.

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