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Tall Definitions and meaning in English

  1. great in vertical dimension
  2. high in stature
  3. lofty in style
  4. impressively difficult
  5. too improbable to admit of belief

Tall Sentences in English

  1. महँगा  =  amount formidable
    I think Rs.3000 for a vase is a tall price

  2. लम्बा  =  human
    a tall boy

  3. लम्बा  =  human, height
    a man six feet tall

  4. अविश्वसनीय  =  talk grandiloquent
    He engages in so much tall talk,one never really knows what he's saying

  5. लम्बा  =  thing, height
    a tall building

  6. लम्बा  =  state
    How tall is she

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