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  1. flat and uninspiring
  2. very restrained or quiet
  3. brought from wildness into a domesticated state
  4. very docile
  5. domesticated
  6. compliant
  7. dull
  8. uninteresting
  1. correct by punishment or discipline
  2. make less strong or intense
  3. overcome the wildness of
  4. make docile and tractable
  5. make fit for cultivation, domestic life, and service to humans
  6. domesticate
  7. make compliant

tame Sentences in English

  1. घरेलू
    Tame cats

  2. फीका
    A tame christmas party

  3. दब्बू
    He's so tame, he'll jump off a moving tain if i ask him to.

  4. नीरस
    You'll find life here pretty tame after new york.

  5. पालतू
    The bird became so tame that it was impossible to release it back into the wild.

  6. उपयोगी बनाना
    Tame the waste land for agriculture

  7. नरम बनाना
    The author finally tamed some of his potentially offensive statements.

  8. वश में करना
    She made strenuous efforts to tame her anger.

  9. पालतू बनाना
    Lions can never be completely tamed.

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