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  1. a deep prolonged loud noise
  2. a booming or crashing noise caused by air expanding along the path of a bolt of lightning
  3. street names for heroin
  4. crashing sound
  1. move fast, noisily, and heavily
  2. utter words loudly and forcefully
  3. be the case that thunder is being heard
  4. to make or produce a loud noise
  5. yell at

thunder Sentences in English

  1. ज़ोर का शोर  =  sound
    The thunder of the applause.

  2. गर्जना
    A deep prolonged loud noise

  3. गर्जन
    A deep prolonged loud noise

  4. थंडर  =  heroin
    Thunder addiction

  5. बेहस करना  =  human, argue
    He had a thundered with the man

  6. निंदा करना  =  human, attack thing
    He thundered the man

  7. डाटना  =  human human
    You get out of here he thundered at the man

  8. जो़र से शौर करना  =  thing, noise
    The engine roared as the driver pushed the car to full throttle

  9. जो़र से आवाज करते हुए जाना  =  vechiles, move
    The bus thundered down the road

  10. गरजना  =  roar
    He thundered.

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