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  1. situated at the top or highest position
  2. not to be surpassed
  3. best
  4. most important; highest
  1. the upper part of anything
  2. the highest or uppermost side of anything
  3. the top point of a mountain or hill
  4. the first half of an inning
  5. highest point
  6. highest rank
  1. go beyond
  2. pass by, over, or under without making contact
  3. be at the top of or constitute the top or highest point
  4. be ahead of others
  5. be the first
  6. provide with a top
  7. reach or ascend the top of
  8. strike (the top part of a ball in golf, baseball, or pool) giving it a forward spin
  9. cut the top off
  10. be the culminating event
  11. finish up or conclude
  12. place on or reach highest part
  13. surpass
  14. remove the upper part

top Sentences in English

  1. सर्वश्रेष्ठ  =  best
    One of the world's top.

  2. उच्चतम  =  most important
    Top people.

  3. सबसे ऊपर का  =  state
    The top floor of the building

  4. सर्वोत्तम  =  state
    One of the world's top scientists..

  5. ढक्कन  =  cover
    Put the top back on the kettle

  6. पत्ति  =  leaves, plant
    Turnip tops

  7. उपरी भाग  =  uppermost
    Put your book on the top of the desk

  8. बारी  =  inning
    A relief pitcher took over in the top of fifth

  9. चोटी  =  peak
    Peak of perfection

  10. शिखर  =  summit
    They clambered to the summit of monadnock

  11. सतह  =  surface
    Top of my desk

  12. ऊपरी सतह  =  table
    The table top

  13. भौरा  =  toy
    He got a bright red top and a string for his birthday

  14. ऊपरी भागी  =  upper part
    The top of the hill

  15. शिखर
    At the top of his profession

  16. पराकाष्ठा
    At the top of his profession

  17. चरम बिंदु
    At the top of his profession

  18. कतर देना  =  human plant
    The gardner topped the tree

  19. बढ जाना  =  exceed
    Exports have topped the rs.50 million mark.

  20. से बढकर होना  =  excel
    Exports have topped the rs.40 million mark.

  21. भरा होना  =  provide
    Ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce.

  22. मारना  =  ball
    Top the ball

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