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  1. (surgery) tissue or organ transplanted from a donor to a recipient
  1. lift and reset in another soil or situation
  2. be transplantable
  3. place athe organ of a donor into the body of a recipient
  4. transfer from one place or period to another
  5. relocate

transplant Sentences in English

  1. स्थानांतरण
    She returned to mumbai because she could not bear the transplant.

  2. स्थानांतरित पौधा
    The transplant did not flower until the second year.

  3. प्रतिरोपण  =  operation
    She had a kidney transplant.

  4. प्रतिरोपण  =  surgery
    Have a bone-marrow transplant

  5. स्थानांतरित करना  =  situation
    After her father's death, her family was transplanted in mumbai.

  6. स्थानांतरित करना
    Transplant the young rice plants.

  7. दूसरी जगह लगना
    These delicate plants do not transplant easily.

  8. दूसरी जगह लगाना
    Transplant the young rice plants.

  9. प्रतिरोपित करना
    Surgeons have successfully transplanted a liver into a four-year-old boy.

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