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  1. something that serves as a means of transportation
  2. an exchange of molecules (and their kinetic energy and momentum) across the boundary between adjacent layers of a fluid or across cell membranes
  3. the commercial enterprise of transporting goods and materials
  4. a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion- Charles Dickens
  5. a mechanism that transport magnetic tape across theread/write heads of a tape playback/recorder
  6. move
  7. transfer
  8. delight
  1. move something or somebody around
  2. usually over long distances
  3. move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body
  4. hold spellbound
  5. transport commercially
  6. send from one person or place to another
  7. move
  8. transfer
  9. exile
  10. captivate
  11. delight

transport Sentences in English

  1. माल वाहक  =  freighter
    A transport aircraft

  2. यातायात  =  traffic
    Rail transport.

  3. परिवहन  =  transporting
    Transport charge.

  4. सवारी  =  vehicle
    My car is being repaired so i'm without transport at the moment.

  5. परिवहन करना  =  carry
    Blood transports oxygen around the body.

  6. देश निकाला देना  =  punishment
    British convicts were transported to australia for life.

  7. पहुँचाना  =  reach
    The book transports you into another world.

  8. पहुँचाना  =  to reach
    She was transported to hospital by helicopter.

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