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  1. a ditch dug as a fortification having a parapet of the excavated earth
  2. a long steep-sided depression in the ocean floor
  3. any long ditch cut in the ground
  4. ditch
  5. channel dug in earth
  1. impinge or infringe upon
  2. fortify by surrounding with trenches
  3. cut or carve deeply into
  4. set, plant, or bury in a trench
  5. cut a trench in, as for drainage
  6. dig a trench or trenches

trench Sentences in English

  1. खाई
    The bus fell into the trench.

  2. खंदक
    Life in the trenches / trench warfare

  3. गड्ढा
    Workmen were digging a trench beside the road.

  4. खंदक खोदना
    The national guardsmen were sent out to trench.

  5. खाई में दफ़न करना
    Trench the fallen soldiers.

  6. खाई में लगाना
    Trench the vegetables.

  7. गहरा खोदना
    Letters trenched into the stone

  8. अतिक्रमण करना
    This matter trenches on other domains.

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