triple meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of triple

triple Definitions and meaning in English

  1. having three units or components or elements
  2. three times as great or many
  1. a base hit at which the batter stops safely at third base
  2. a quantity that is three times as great as another
  1. increase threefold
  2. hit a three-base hit

triple Sentences in English

  1. तिहरा
    Overcrowding made triple sessions necessary.

  2. तिगुना
    The amount of alcohol in his blood was triple the legal maximum.

  3. त्रिपक्षीय
    A triple alliance / partnership

  4. तिगुना हो जाना
    Output has tripled in two years.

  5. तिगुना करना
    Triple your income!

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