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  1. a source of difficulty
  2. an angry disturbance
  3. an event causing distress or pain
  4. an effort that is inconvenient
  5. a strong feeling of anxiety
  6. an unwanted pregnancy
  7. annoyance
  8. worry
  9. something requiring great effort
  10. bad health
  1. move deeply
  2. to cause inconvenience or discomfort to
  3. disturb in mind or make uneasy or cause to be worried or alarmed
  4. take the trouble to do something
  5. concern oneself
  6. cause bodily suffering to
  7. bother
  8. worry
  9. make an effort

trouble Sentences in English

  1. परेशानी  =  activity
    The trouble with this job

  2. मुसीबत  =  circumstances
    Financial trouble may threaten security

  3. झगड़ा  =  conflict
    A labor trouble

  4. परेशानी  =  difficulty
    Had difficulty walking

  5. बीमारी  =  disease
    A heart trouble

  6. हंगामा  =  disturbance
    He didn't want to make a fuss

  7. परेशानी  =  problem
    What's the problem

  8. परेशानी  =  situation
    We are having trouble with our a new car

  9. मुसीबत  =  unpleasant thing
    If we're late there'll be trouble

  10. चिन्ता  =  worry
    It is not work but worry that kills

  11. परेशान करना  =  event human
    May i trouble you for the salt

  12. परेशान करना  =  human
    Do not trouble her with petty complaints now

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