Unfastened meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of Unfastened

Unfastened Synonyms

Unfastened Antonyms

Unfastened Definitions and meaning in English

  1. not closed or secured
  2. affording unobstructed entrance and exit
  3. not shut or closed
  4. not buttoned
  5. not tied

Unfastened Sentences in English

  1. खुला हुआ  =  not tied
    An unfastened boat drifted away.

  2. न बंधा हुआ
    An unfastened boat drifted away.

  3. खुला हुआ  =  unbuttoned
    The wind picked up the hem of her unfastened coat.

  4. खुला हुआ
    The car door was unfastened. / unfastened seatbelts

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